Skyhook Coloring Storybooks: The Quackling Coloring Book (Hardcover)


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What is a “coloring storybook”? It’s a coloring book, a storybook, and more! You can color just the pages you want, and enjoy it like any fine coloring book. Or finish them all and create a wonderful storybook, a keepsake all your own, or one to lovingly share with children and grandchildren. Imagine their excitement and delight — and yours too! — when you read to them from a book you helped illustrate yourself! It’s a gift your loved ones can treasure forever, a true family heirloom. This coloring storybook from Skyhook Press, based on a traditional fairy tale, tells what happens when a very small duck sets off to demand the money he loaned to the King. *************Please note: This “grayscale coloring book” (or “greyscale colouring book”) has pictures already shaded in gray, calling for a different kind of coloring. But that doesn’t make it harder — in fact, it makes it easier to get stunning results! For tips, search online for “grayscale coloring.” ///////////////////////////////////////////////// ABOUT THE CHILDREN’S BOOK This coloring book is adapted from the children’s picture book “Quackling: A Feathered Fairy Tale,” told by Aaron Shepard and illustrated by Wendy Edelson, published in 2018 by Skyhook Press. The story, a folktale known in various forms around the world, is probably most popular in France and Spain. ABOUT THE ARTIST Wendy Edelson has applied her award-winning skills to a wide range of illustration projects, including picture books, pet portraits, posters, and puzzles. Among her clients have been Seattle’s Woodland Park Zoo, the Seattle Aquarium, Pacific Northwest Ballet, the U.S. Postal Service, Cricket Magazine, McGraw-Hill Education, and the American Library Association. Her more recent projects have included several picture books and coloring books for Skyhook Press. The pictures in this coloring book were converted to grayscale by Skyhook Press from Wendy’s original watercolor illustrations. ABOUT THE AUTHOR Aaron Shepard is the award-winning author of many children’s books from publishers large and small. Once a professional storyteller, Aaron specializes in lively retellings of folktales and other traditional literature, which have won him honors from the American Library Association, the New York Public Library, the Bank Street College of Education, the National Council for the Social Studies, and the American Folklore Society. ///////////////////////////////////////////////// REVIEWS “Isn’t it awesome? . . . PanPastels would be perfect for these.” — Dede Willingham, YouTube, July 17, 2019 “The images are so cute. I love them.” — Ann Siggers, A Colorful Life, YouTube, July 17, 2019 “Just beautiful. The art work’s so good . . . Absolutely lovely.” — Rebecca Todd, Rebecca’s Coloring Videos, YouTube, Sept. 16, 2019


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