Sun and Moon Had a Fight and Other Poems for Kids – eBook


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This petite anthology of original rhyming poems for children contains three poems: Sun and Moon Had a Fight, When You Come Upon a Dog Paddling, and When a Duck is Stuck in the Muck.Each of these adorable verses can be read aloud to toddlers who like rhythm and rhyme as well as young kids who love funny poetry, puns, and double meanings. Whats more, theyre fun for the grown-ups, too.The total word count is about 900 words, the length of many bedtime stories.NOTE: This edition does not contain illustrations, so if your little one needs visuals, you may be called on to act out the action or do goofy things with your face.Sun and Moon Had a FightString and Balloon, Fork and Spoon, Late and Noon and other silly characters fight it out and then make up in this cute rhyming verse for kids that will have everyone giggling. Written for children over four, this poems sounds and rhythm appeal to younger kids, too.When a Duck is Stuck in the MuckA fish, a frog, a hare, and several other characters get into trouble – but rescue is at hand! Lines like “When a sheep is deep in a jeep/She likes to leap,” are easy to read aloud and will hook very young boys and girls who delight in “imagination workouts.”When You Come Upon a Dog Paddling”When you come upon a river flying/When you come upon a dragon sighing/When you come upon a beard trying/To grow long/Why not watch and have a blast?”The most abstract poem in this anthology, “When You Come Upon a Dog Paddling” is still very accessible, encouraging young children to look thoughtfully at the ordinary things around them…and ends on a wonderful, sleepy note, making it an ideal verse for bedtime.About the AuthorKaren Kolodenko has been writing poetry for almost four decades. When the “song” her own child started asking to hear at bedtime turned out to be a spoken nursery rhyme, she realized that simple, unadorned rhymes can be as melodic to young ears as music. She set about creating poems kids would ask for again and again.


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