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Team Being is a book about creative collaborationwhat it is, how it works and how to maximize chances of doing it well. The book is built upon years of experience working with thousands of nascent teams from education, business and government where participants were expected to generate results in formations from two to twenty-five people.The book shares complex insights on collaboration combining direct observations of creative teams in action, extensive reviews of ground-breaking research in the field and insights from leaders of professional creative teams. Team Being goes beyond other teamwork books incorporating compelling insights and perspectives from psychodynamics, neuroscience and quantum physics, all of which help to illuminate the often-hidden forces at work in collaborative environments. The more aware leaders are of these forces, the more empowered they are to lead teams by influence rather than blind authority.Learning how to work well with others is an inconvenience, not unlike what grammar is to writing. Teamwork is an essential skill for the 21st century work force, but there is currently no natural, convenient or effective place to learn it in most institutions of education.


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