The Mouse and The Magical Millionaire: A Bimbofication D/s Erotic Romance – eBook


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Mabel The Mouse Babcock was about to have the sexiest weekend of her meek little life. She had no idea of the curvy road ahead as she focused on her job at an antiques and fine art auction house. Sure, she had a massive crush on the commanding boss, Mr. Lordano. She kept her plain head down and focused on her work. Wasn’t that enough? She could wish for a different body and a different brain as much as she wanted, but that doesn’t mean it could ever happen.Or could it?Excerpt:”And here she was, a third time. This time, Darius Lordano was in the room with her. A tiny part of her informed her shed probably be fired for agreeing to take on Mr. Grosss workload. If she was lucky, shed escape with a scolding and then made to sit through additional trainings. If only she could be rude when necessary! Bolder! Didnt second guess herself and over-think everything!But the loudest part of her brain only knew of her boss’s proximity. Her broad shouldered and powerful boss, with his smooth voice that carried raw power. Her boss with his strong jawline, dusted with a dark five o’clock shadow. His hazel eyes always drew her in, like a rabbit hole that beckoned her to a new world. She always glanced into them, no matter how much she tried to keep her head down, before her heart fluttered and she ducked away.Mr. Lordano stalked around her. Mables skin tingled wherever he was closest, so she soon found herself wrapped in shivers. Mable shuddered under the power of his gaze, wishing she could fool herself that he was admiring her, or that she offered anything worth looking at.She wished she could take back her statement, calling him the magician.He looked at her intently and her heart raced; she licked her lips nervously, feeling foolish for even hoping. Unable to settle her hands, she pushed her glasses up her nose. Then, she ducked her head down, her bangs getting in her eyes and her glasses slipping down once more. She couldnt see herself, but she could feel the prickly heat from her embarrassingly flushed skin.Mable, my dear, why did you call me a magician? Her heart thudded at his affectionate tone.”


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