The Run Away Telly George – eBook


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Jack Martin and Sarah Martin with their two children, William and Melissa Martin, lived in Windy Valley, Riverland. The river flows through the valley, across the woodlands. Windy Valley is the valley of beautiful farms and fields. The Martins generation lived in this valley for many years, farming. The Martin family is well known in this amazing valley. Their nearest busy town is the town of Greenville with its market, beautiful parks, and gardens. Windy Valley shares its river with the town of Greenville. Jack Martins family owns the faraway fields, with a nearby cool stream flowing among the rocks. Near the childrens play area is a little duck pond. The story begins when Bill and Mel, his sister, met a half boy and a half telly called George. He was all alone in a tree house. Telly George is a runaway telly, who happens to be in some childs tree house. Bill and Mel became friends with Telly George. Their new friend went home with them and their adventures began. Lets find out what Bill, Mel, and Telly George are getting up to.


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