The Two Tones


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Winston Apple wrote and sings all of the songs on The Two Tones. He recruited musicians and a producer (Mark Thies) for this project with the intention of making an authentic ska/reggae album, but with pop and rock influences and production values. This approach should create interest among both ska and reggae purists and fans of pop and rock music. The lyrics are intelligent and thought-provoking. The beats are infectious. The musicians on the album include Steve DiFranco (formerly of the English ska band Bad Manners) and Steve Duck McLane (of Blue Riddim) on drums; Joe Miquelon (The Elders and Blue Riddim) on keyboards and sax; Farley Compton on guitar; and Mark Thies on bass. A three-piece horn section, consisting of Stan Kessler (trumpet), Aaron Simcox (sax) and Ryan Heinlein (trombone) is featured on eleven of the tracks. Aaron also contributes killer sax solos to many of the tunes. Backing vocals are provided by Monique Danielle, Heather Thornton, Rachel Bowerman, and Farley Compton. Additional musicians involved with the project on some of the songs include Tommy Mills on guitar and Steve Duck McLane on drums (both of Blue Riddim) and Stephanie Bryan on trombone. People familiar with the music scene in Kansas City will realize that this line-up could well be called The Kansas City All-Stars. They have, in fact, been dubbed The Two Tones (hence the title of the album).


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