This Musicship [Digipak][Remastered] (Remaster) (Digi-Pak)


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Drawing from the traditions of Sun Ra, the Art Ensemble of Chicago as well as Miles Davis in his 60s and 70s electric period, multi-instrumentalists Steve Rush, Tom Abbs and Geoff Mann expand the trio format to new heights. From frenzied free-for-alls to delicate compositions, Yuganaut take the music out into outer space and back. Stephen Rush, Tom Abbs, and Geoff Mann create genuinely unpredictable soundscapes throughout this highly diverse disc, but always with attention to organic development and flow… Yuganaut proves that their chosen style of musical expression can be the sound of something genuinely startling. – Dave Lynch / All Music Guide Three men – driven by an inspired and fearless abandon – who have come together to weave a sonic statement of utter brilliance. – Alex Jasperse / Muses Muse Featured Artists Stephen Rush: fender Rhodes, moog, bells, recorder, slide whistle, euphonium, maraca, ocarina, harmonica, voice, frog clave, turkey, duck & elk calls Tom Abbs: bass, tuba, didjeridoo, percussion, violin, cello Geoff Mann: drums, cornet, vibes, mandolin, whistle, flute, mbira, tambourine.


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