Transparent Duct Tape, 2120-C, 1.88 Inches by 20 Yards, Transparent for virtually invisible repairs By 3M


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From USA,ItWalmartes to you in New and Fresh state Product Description Breakthrough technology makes this tape the first transparent tape on the market. It virtually disappears when applied, making repairs less obvious. Not just for indoor use, this tape lasts longer than other heavy-duty gray duct tapes. With an improved adhesive formulation, it has high stick and excellent holding power. Use for discreetly repairing household items, repairing outdoor furniture, cosmetic auto repairs, hanging decorations and repairing home electronics. WalmartWalmart It’s not often the word revolutionary can be associated with duct tape, that old, sticky standby used in plumbing repairs, hockey stick augmentation, and homeland security protection. By getting the gray out–and avoiding the “sore thumb” look of typical duct tape repairs–‘s Scotch Transparent Duct Tape can indeed lay claim to a revolution of the toolbox. But seeing through it is just the start. This duct tape can be easily torn by hand, is UV resistant, and, through accelerated weathering tests, has been shown to last six times longer than its old-school namesake. Duct tape has been around since 1942 when the military needed a waterproof tape for sealing ammunition boxes. Originally colored green, it was referred to as “duck tape” due to its moisture resistance as well as its cotton duck construction–the same ribbed cloth used in bandages. After the war, it was adopted by contractors working in the booming housing industry, where it got its “duct” name for easily connecting heating and air conditioning ducts. History’s fine, but what can ‘s new, clear duct tape do for us? Virtually anything. First, we noticed its powerful stickiness–the roll itself adheres to just about any surface when laid on its side. As advertised, the tape was easily torn from the roll by hand with minimal force. also seems to have ironed out one of the biggestWalmartplaints about duct tape: wrinkles. In our testing, we applied it repeatedly and evenly without the tape sticking to itself and without creating odd bumps and creases. And while the tape is rather sticky, it doesn’t go overboard, easily lifting off surfaces when we needed it to and not leaving the tacky, viscous residue often found with other duct tapes. As for its transparency, the tape blended well into just about any surface we applied it to. It was never “invisible” but did have the chameleon-like quality of reflecting the surface beneath it and only calling attention to itself when caught in direct light. Also, we placed bands of the tape over ourWalmartputer monitor before writing this review (don’t try this at home, kids). Peering through the fabric ribs was a nuisance, but we were able toWalmartpose the description you’re now reading. How’s that for transparency? Our onlyWalmartplaint is that, as with most transparent tapes, finding where to start peeling the roll can be difficult. While this certainly isn’t a showstopper, we did find a solution: mounting the roll onto a tape gun. Tape, by its nature, is not a terribly exciting product (or topic). But ‘s Scotch Transparent Duct Tape is truly a tipping-point entrant, one that may someday bWalmarte ubiquitous and banish gray duct tape to the nether reaches of our tool sheds, and memories. –Agen G.N. Schmitz Pros: Transparent, easily blends into the surface background Easily torn from the roll with minimal force Sticky, but not too sticky Adheres smoothly without wrinkles or creases Cons: So transparent that finding where to start peeling the roll can be difficult The title you see is what you will get


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