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The world of an emperor goose on the magnificent Alaskan tundra explodes with adventure at every turn in Jeyda Bolukbasi’s inspiring short novel: Tuah. Life on the tundra isn’t easy in the best of circumstances, but when you’re the youngest and weakest of your siblings, every day is a challenge. Tuah’s father is his greatest idol, and since Tuah is the youngest and weakest of his siblings, being a strong and affective leader of his family seems like a distant dream. Imagining the future only brings sadness and discontentment to Tuah. But he has Lexa, the beautiful young goose he befriends in his youth. They spend the summer together growing closer as friends. With fall coming and the yearly migration to the wintering grounds on the horizon, Tuah saves Lexa from a horrific eagle attack and, in doing so, is badly injured. He loses hope that he will survive the winter, but Lexa restores that hope. Yet life as an adult proves just as challenging as he and Lexa turn their attention to the needs of a special chick born with an impairing deformity called spraddle-leg. In this inspiring novel, a character with low self-confidence learns what it means to be a father, what feeling inferior signifies, and that death does not mean your loved ones are gone forever.


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