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Burt and Clancy were looking for paradise. Most other folks couldn’t believe it either, those two and their pet cat, who had no name, were looking for paradise? It was the wise old sea turtle who told them that paradise was across the ocean. He knew of the king bullfrog and his warrior frogs who had sailed there on their lily pad raft with sails. It wasn’t that easy for Burt and Clancy, and No-Name, however, as they had no lily pad raft with sails.Captain Jack told the three he could take them to paradise on his sailing vessel, Utopia. He had been there many times, he said, but he made them walk his plank once they were out to sea after robbing them of what little they had. Their lives were in danger, to be sure, but the mighty and swift current called *”*Swabbies Revenge” swept the three ashore where they found a strange musician and his pet mongoose called Goose. The musician comforted them, and sang many songs of paradise, but said he knew nothing of it when they questioned him as to paradise’s whereabouts.Prospector Pete knew nothing of paradise, and neither did his burro Clem, they were looking for their lost city of gold. They had seen it long ago, but had then lost it in this desert where Burt, Clancy and No-Name had found them. Prospector Pete pointed the three to the distant mountains which they could pass through to the ocean. From there they could walk along the shore to the other side of the ocean where paradise could be found..It was in these mountains,however, that the spirit of the Sacred Valleys found the three. She came to them as an old and humble woman in need. Paradise could only be found through a transition of time as well as space, and that would be if they found her favor. She was hungry and needed something to eat.


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