Welcome to the World of Squirrels – by Diane Swanson (Paperback)


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Did you know that tree squirrels can be found all over the world except in Australia and Antarctica? In North America, there are nine main kinds of tree squirrels. And they always seem to be on the move. Whether they are scampering along branches or leaping from tree to tree, they never seem to stay still. So if you want to find out more about these busy rodents, you’ll have to run. You’ve seen them scurrying in parks, in your backyard, and sometimes down the street. Squirrels can be found everywhere, so why not learn more about them? Did you know that there are nine kinds of tree squirrels in North America? Or that baby squirrels are born blind? And did you realize some squirrels can fall more than 30 metres to the ground without hurting themselves? Find out all about these amazing rodents in Welcome to the World of Squirrels. This is a great book for young readers who want to learn more about these frisky creatures. Each page explores the world of squirrels with colorful photographs and easy-to-read text. Welcome to the World of Squirrels is a great addition to the series, which promises to provide plenty of interesting facts about these furry animals. Includes a table of contents, index, sidebars, and full of extraordinary photography throughout.


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