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Modern Western Medicine (MWM) and Ayurveda/Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) can be considered two extreme paradigms to complex systems. The microscopic and reductionist approach of the West prevails in acute and single-gene conditions such as infection and Mendelian disorders. The macroscopic and holistic approach of the East potentially fares well at chronic and complex conditions such as obesity and ageing.The book serves three purposes: 1) to help MWM, Ayurveda and TCM professionals get acquainted with one another; 2) to help identify common grounds for MWM, Ayurveda and TCM, rather than blindly westernizing eastern medicines or vice versa; and 3) to help translate the complementarity of MWM and Ayurveda/TCM toward an integrative multi-component healthcare.To this end, we introduce theories and tenets of the three medicines. We use bioenergetics to reconcile West and East as ATP generation, prana and qi are central to MWM, Ayurveda and TCM. We discuss clinical trials of varying experimental rigors for the assessment of the scientific evidence for treatment effectiveness. We present complementary interventions for chronic disorders and ageing. We hold that a federal unity of therapies consisting of MWM, Ayurveda and TCM better serves the wellbeing of humankind.Contents:Basics:Evidence-Based PracticeModern Western BiomedicineTraditional Oriental EthnomedicineIntegrative MedicineHerbal Medicine:Safety and Regulation of Herbal ProductsCancerCommon Fatal DiseasesCommon Nonfatal DiseasesCondition of the Reproductive SystemLongevity:Theories of AgingRegenerative MedicineLongevityReadership: The book is for advanced students, academia, researchers and professionals, including physicians, pharmacists, nurses and regulators, of conventional as well as alternative healthcare. The book is also beneficial for general audience who are interested in evidence-based holistic self-care.Key Features:Quantitatively describes herbal remedies for 81 commonest diseases/conditionsDiscusses lifestyle and dietary regimens for personalized prevention of premature ageingMapping between western medicine defined diseases (e.g. the common cold) and herbal remedies (e.g. Honeysuckle and Forsythia Powder (Yin Qiao San))Ingredients of the herbal remedies in the book are available over the counter from GMP-certified manufacturers


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