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By This Old WallMen and women gather here to be alone within themselvesSome cry, some weep red tearsSome connect with perfect strangers, touch, go away togetherNo one knows whyBy this old wallBut I too feel the melancholyThe utter hopelessnessI call the wallSome people drop coins and billsSome ask for helpBut everyone feelswhat they need most in lifeAnd are left alone to weepKnowing Im Not the Only OneWe were playing with her little dog outsidewho took my treats at a distance,nervous and fearful of meIt takes a long time for her to warm up and trust anyoneI laughed, Im like that tooShe whispered Me tooAnd we looked at each other and smiled at this big truth shared,over such a little thing, feeling a little less out of placein the worldSometimes so strange in my own skin trying to understandwhy I am the way I am,Often not meeting my own expectationsabout how I should beKnowing Im not the only oneLanguishHer entire day spent in my pajamas, and Im not going to leave the house even onceI smiled, ready to leave her at the door, saying I love you after our weekend togetherLanguishing away half a day talking about poetry contests and new books in process, delightful in a way, but too much to do in two lifetimes or moreNext weekend we spend at the ocean wandering around, staying on the river where it goes out to sea, watching the big ocean going ships come and go, making love, playing cards, relaxing into each others companyIm thankful to be me in this huge world of yours, with one special one to love and love me too, as we languish happily away togetherA Ridiculous ManPraying for good weather to work outsideJobs that payA loving woman, peace with herAsking God for so muchPretending deep concern for other beingsWanting sincerely to be this wayGetting up in the morning, thinking, always thinkingLate at night his favorite time of daySleeping, silent, mind peacefulSoul at rest, dreamingThere are beautiful sunny calm waking momentsWrapped in love, grateful to live, aliveLazy heartfelt moments that quench his thirsty soulGive hope and life something backThose thank you moments that go downIn lifes journal of prayers, sacredMoments even a ridiculous man treasuresWhen we walk with Great Spirit hand in hand, equallyWhirlpools Of Silencedownstream where theriver bends sharplyand the rapids run outthere are whippoorwillsand geese, ducks, beaverand deer come to drinkthere are little whirlpoolsand eddies where the riverplays and birds congregateto matewhirlpools of silenceeddy here at first lightI come here thento listen to the silencecondense into morningas the stars fade awayno longer bright, time slowsto a trickle, holding all theworld in one long still momentof peace until overtaken bythe daywe are all equal nowour mother earths childrenI wish we could stay this way


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