Whiskey and Water (CD)


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Picture yourself, hanging out in your favorite honky-tonk, letting off steam with your friends after a hard week at work, or just rolling along, broken hearted and lonely, steering an eighteen wheeler into the unknown. These jumping hillbilly flavored country rock songs take you right to Americas heartland. Gritty vocals, slamming guitars and jumping rhythms will keep you coming back for more. Soon, youll be singing along like youve known these songs all your life. Dexter Crocketts music echoes a tradition of storytelling that shares its roots with the great songwriters of Country Music. Raised in a small town and by a loving family, Dexter grew up living a simple life, picking fruit in orchards, tending livestock or gleaning crops and listening to the melancholy sounds of country music, before moving to the big city. Like many other displaced rural souls, he found kinship in the working class people he met along the way, the people who shared his simple philosophy: work hard and youll get ahead, take responsibility for your actions and trust in the Lord. The sense of fun in music, the economy of his language and his depth of insight into the human soul shows again and again in his songs. Both feet firmly on the ground, he tells it like it really is. Love hurts and its not simple. Sometimes, people make mistakes and are blind to the obvious. We all share the common bond of needing to love and be loved by someone. Loneliness gives rise to desperation, but all is never lost if you hang on to your sense of humor, your faith and remember where you come from. For this collection of songs, Dexter Crockett surrounds himself with first rate musicians, who also happen to be his good friends and the result becomes evident. The fun comes out, everybody shines and his songs transport the listeners to that magical place, where troubles are forgotten, a smile or a tear appear on your face and you might find yourself suddenly dancing with the one you love.


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