You Can Think – by Gray Seele (Paperback)


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HAPPINESS. We want it. Yet it seems elusive, with many people in bad relationships, suffering from depression, substance abuse, and economic hardship. Our declining culture and corrupt institutions add to the malaise. To solve these problems we have to think. Yet throughout history both happiness and thinking have been poorly understood. Unresolved issues about the nature of the thinking process and happiness have prevented people from thinking effectively and being happy. These issues include the difference between satisfaction and happiness, the problem of universals (i.e., why the little snake and the big snake are both snakes, despite their obvious differences), and the problem of induction (how generalizations can ever be trusted when new evidence can always potentially disqualify them).With over a quarter century of experience in philosophy and law, Gray Seele resolves these issues to make success and happiness accessible like never before. In YOU CAN THINK and be (Really!) Happy he presents nothing less than the first complete statement of the human thinking process in history. He goes through the steps of the process in clear, easy to read language, from sensory observation of reality, to putting observations into words, to articulating facts, to creating contexts enabling you to figure out how to get what’s of value to you. In it you’ll learn how to ground abstract knowledge in reality, enabling you to make sense of any situation, no matter how complex, to the limit of your ability. Use the techniques in YOU CAN THINK to achieve what you want in life. Use it to find a fulfilling purpose that gives your life meaning. YOU CAN THINK explains why a purpose is essential to happiness; the relationship between a purpose and a career; what to consider in choosing a purpose; and how to advance your career by spotting opportunities to solve problems and create value. Harmonize your interpersonal relationships. YOU CAN THINK covers what’s really meant by friendship, and when it’s appropriate to interact with other people. You’ll learn how to properly judge character and why some people be malicious haters, delinquents, criminals and even tyrants (and why others passively follow them). You’ll also learn how to spot and deal with these people effectively. You’ll even learn how to fight to protect the rights and freedoms currently under attack by the corrupt elements of our contemporary culture.Use YOU CAN THINK to find true love. Learn the relationship between friendship and romance. What chemistry is and why it’s necessary for a successful romance. The difference between love, lust, and infatuation. When sex is appropriate. When divorce is appropriate.YOU CAN THINK also explains what happens when people don’t learn how to think. It spells out the difference between thinking and following emotion, and why blindly following emotions leads to failure. It gives the reasons for the collapse of entire civilizations, like the Roman and Moslem empires. It even explains how to educate children and adults so they be successful lifelong thinkers. Give your children the lives you’ve always wanted them to have by helping turn them into productive thinkers.YOU CAN THINK and be (Really!) Happy should appeal to anyone interested in psychology, philosophy, self-help, and even management: therapists, life coaches, intellectuals, teachers, social and political activists, entrepreneurs, and executives.Read it and you’ll agree: YOU CAN THINK is a philosophical, psychological and self-help game changer, loaded with great ideas desperately needed today. Prepare to be inspired!


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