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The advice women get surrounding negotiation is often contradictory, prescriptive, and occasionally downright insulting. You Got This provides a refreshing new take: women are actually highly effective negotiators and fully capable of navigating negotiations on their terms. While it’s conversational and playful in tone, this book is deeply grounded in the latest research and the author’s ample experience as a professional negotiation coach for women.For example – from Strategy 3: Do A Little Detective Work To Get To Know Your Counterpart – if a friend told you they wanted to set you up on a blind date with their cousin, what’s the first thing you would do? Google the cousin, right? The same should apply to someone with whom you’re negotiating. Getting to know your counterpart can help you decide how to approach the conversation based on their interests, what they value, and how they like to receive information.You Got This operates from the premise that career advice is most effective when it’s relatable, applicable to your life, and enjoyable to read. With anecdotes from the author’s life and work with professional women to make scientific research accessible, readers will walk away with a sense of confidence and optimism along with 13 unique strategies for negotiation success.


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