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Get practical guidelines for making your website accessible to people with disabilities. With this handbook, youll learn how to design or develop a site that conforms to Section 508 of the US Rehabilitation Actand in the process youll discover how to provide a better user experience for everyone.The Accessibility Handbook introduces you to several audiences that have difficulty using todays complex websites, including people with blindness, hearing loss, physical disabilities, and cognitive disorders. Learn how to support assistive technologies, and understand which fonts, colors, page layouts, and other design elements work bestwithout having to exclude advanced functions, hire outside help, or significantly increase overhead.Develop solutions that accommodate:Complete blindness. Create a logical document flow to support screen readersLow vision and color blindness. Optimize images and color schemes, and ensure your site enlarges gracefullyHearing impairment. Provide video captions and visual alerts for interactive featuresPhysical disabilities. Make forms, popups, and navigation easier to useCognitive disorders. Adapt fonts and text styles for dyslexic users, and design consistent, well-organized pages for people with ADHD


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