Wobbly Witch and Kiki: Kiki Goes Missing (Paperback)


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The yellow toad sat under the fudge cake tree considering the day. His large green eyes gazed out towards the forest. His expression was a little puzzled today as he though about KiKi. What on earth was that cat up to now? He —. “Rivet, rivet,” he croaked. No one answered, all was quiet in the forest today. He sat still so that the dragon fly didn’t notice him and flew too close. Out popped his tongue like a whiplash. Savoring his dinner he smiled “rivet, rivet,” he muttered. The fudge cake tree trembled in the slight breeze that blew through the branches, small pieces of chocolate landed near him. He didn’t like chocolate much but he watched closely as the leaves rustled on the ground toward the chocolate. Out popped a small velvety head and small blind eyes squinted up at him. “Hi yellow toad. How’s today then?” said the mole. His large hands brushing the dirt from his face.


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